At ISCC, we understand the importance of proactive risk management and loss control to ensure the safety of your institution and employees. We offer a comprehensive range of services and expertise in this crucial area:

Experienced Loss Control Professionals

Our certified safety professionals have extensive experience working with various industries. They form a dedicated team of loss control experts who are well-versed in multiple facets of risk management.

Trend Analysis and Safety Program Development

We specialize in trend analysis and the development of tailored safety programs to address evolving risks. Our proactive approach ensures that your institution stays ahead of potential challenges.

OSHA and State Requirements Expertise

ISCC’s professionals are well-acquainted with OSHA and state-specific safety requirements. We help you navigate complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring compliance and minimizing risk.

Comprehensive Client Training

We offer client training programs designed to empower management staff and employees. Our training encompasses various areas, including:

  • On-site training conducted at locations across the region.
  • The development of early return-to-work programs to support injured employees.
  • The creation and implementation of formal programs and procedures in collaboration with clients, adjusters, and medical case managers.
  • Custom-designed programs tailored to meet specific needs, address emerging trends, and cater to various locations and departments.

Risk Management Services

ISCC provides comprehensive risk management services, augmenting our clients’ existing in-house capabilities and programs with additional resources, materials, and expertise. We work closely with you to enhance your risk management efforts and bolster the safety of your institution.

At ISCC, we are dedicated to helping our member institutions thrive by effectively managing risk and ensuring the well-being of their employees. Partner with us for proactive loss control and risk management strategies that make a difference.