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Independent Schools Compensation Corporation (ISCC) began operations on April 1, 1992 with 24 member institutions. Today, membership includes more than 176 private schools, colleges and cultural institutions which enjoy all the benefits that membership in ISCC has to offer. What are some of those benefits? Superior risk control services which helps members to keep their employees safe and favorably impact their cost of operations. Aggressive but fair claims handling, where injured workers are provided the best possible care and employers have greater control over their claims and are encouraged to be part of the claim management team. A steady stream of dividends combined with up-front premium reductions.

In fact, members find the benefits of ISCC to be so numerous, that the group has not lost a single member to competition since program inception. For more information on how your organization can benefit from ISCC membership, contact us today.

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At ISCC, we’re dedicated to empowering educational institutions like yours. In this section, you’ll find swift access to vital information. Explore your path to a safer, stronger, and more informed educational community with ISCC.

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Self-Insurance Group

What is the purpose of an SIG and what are the benefits of SIG membership?

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Members can explore our insightful webinar series to presented by ISCC and our partners.

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Mass.gov Resources

Massachusetts Division of Insurance and Department of Industrial Accidents websites.

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POPE Program

Free Post-Offer Pre-Employment exams for designated high-risk jobs for ISCC members.

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